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Speciality Solar Film

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Solar Control Film

We are able to offer specialist solar control film as an option to both the public and trade.

This film can reduce solar heat by up to 80% and cut glare by up to 85%, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment, and potentially giving dramatic cost savings by reducing the load on Air-Conditioning units.

Tinted and coloured Solar Films transform virtually any building by providing a uniform, modern appearance, which will improve the image of any organisation.

Recent advances in metal-lamination processes have created an excellent range of high-performance yet "light" and discrete films- ideal for showroom windows, shop fronts and anti-fade for museums.

Solar films also significantly reduce the incidence of fading by blocking around 99% of Ultra Violet light which is fading’s main cause. Heat and visible light are also major factors with regard to fading - both of which are reduced by the application of a solar control film.

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